So many thanks to all our customers who donated towards our continued work in India. This year we managed to build a very large extension on a house that was no bigger then a box room shared by a family of eight people. When completed we were invited to dinner. Midhun and his family would like to thank you all, he was saving 50p a day prior to our customers generosity.

Chinchu who had lost her father had one year left of her medical studies, again without your support of £80, she would have not been able to complete this.

Church, as always so well attended, over 500 books, 1000 pens and loads of lollipops (our Jennifer's job). So many happy faces with all they need to study in Sunday school.

We also bought amongst other things, a motorised sewing machine, a fridge to keep medicine cool, a couple of goats for our village to share for milk.

And last but not least a bit of chilling out time when we were done!

So many thank yous to everyone who put a pound, penny, tenner, in our tin throughout the year, you should take pride in knowing that you have helped someone to achieve a better life. If I could share the feeling in my own heart with you, however you must believe me when I say how humble it makes one feel.

On behalf of everyone thank you and god bless.

Mr Finn and family